We Reached the Cloud and we’re not Coming Down

When people first started talking about “the cloud,” the excitement generally reserved for developers and web geeks. But it’s now becoming more common place in the lives of everyone. In fact, approximately 90% of internet users globally are already on the cloud, even if they don’t realise it. Which can be a lifesaver in terms of backup and accessibility.

It’s also been estimated that traffic to the cloud from mobiles will grow at a rate of 63% between now and 2018. This is partly due to the rise of cross platform apps and wearable technology. It’s going to be more important for developers to focus on the ability to integrate and sync our apps on multiple devices, and the cloud offers a solution to this.

Predictions indicate that there will be more cloud offerings and a stronger market for the consumer to pick and choose their provider. We’ll have a coherent existence of phone, tablet, computer and wearable where they are all perfectly in sync with each other. Here’s to the next 20 years of mobile technologies

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