The Rise Of Cross Platform Apps

Do you remember a time when, not so long ago, if you didn’t have an iPhone you had to wait for the second release of a mobile app? Or on the flip side, all of your Android friends would flaunt their most recent app release over you? Moreover, you would have a note-taking app on your mobile, but then you would have to look at the phone’s screen constantly to have access to its data, and so on. This has, thankfully, become an issue of the past with more and more apps being developed to work across platforms.

With new tools on the market it is now easier than ever to create cross platform apps, and 80% of users believe that they are the most cost-effective approach. The cross platform tools market has risen from a value of $3.2 billion in 2013 to $4.6 billion in 2015, and it’s predicted to rise to $7.5 billion in 2018.

There are now more cross platform apps available than ever before, fulfilling a range of services. There are productivity tools like Evernote, which helps you take down all sorts of notes in different formats – from text to pictures and voice notes. However, this app’s main benefit is its cross-platform nature. You can boost your productivity across your mobile, tablet and desktop, as each thing you choose to note down is accessible on the web, your Windows or Mac, your Android or iOS device and of course your tablet. But there are also benefits for those used to playing their favorite games on a desktop computer, who can enjoy an identical experience on mobile devices. Entertainment brands such as online poker room PokerStars also make sure that in today’s connected world, their players can enjoy the benefits of their desktop client on the go. Therefore, they developed a mobile version with identical features. It’s a brave new cross-platform app world out there and we predict that it’s only going to grow.