Telkom Freeme Deals

Telkom Freeme is a range of mobile plansĀ  designed to give telkom customers free calls, ensuring that they will never run shortage of data.

With FREEME you get free whatsapp calling and messaging, Viber, BBM and free smss, and as if that not enough freeme will give you free calls to over 6 million telkom landline and telkom mobile numbers.

That’s not all telkom data is 85% cheaper than any other comparable provider

You can apply for TELKOM FREEME Deals for the following mobile phones:-

  • Huawei P10 Lite
  • iPhone 8 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8
  • Huawei Mate 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S8

with 1GB data per month, free calls to over 6 million Telkom numbers, free whatsapp, calling and messaging free smss




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