The Rise Of Cross Platform Apps

Do you remember a time when, not so long ago, if you didn’t have an iPhone you had to wait for the second release of a mobile app? Or on the flip side, all of your Android friends would flaunt their most recent app release over you? Moreover, you would have a note-taking app on […]

Latest Mobile Trends you need to know

Latest Mobile Trends That You Need To Know This is the mobile generation. The average mobile phone user spends about 90 minutes on their device, which may not seem like a lot but look at that over a year and it’s 23 days, over a lifetime it’s 3.9 years. 3.9 years spent using a mobile […]

Samsung Launches Gear S3 in South Africa

This is the latest in mobile technology, the Gear S3 is IP68* is water and dust resistant and is equipped with a built-in GPS, as well as the S Health, Alti/barometer and Speedometer apps, users can track daily fitness activities, outdoor conditions that range from altitude and atmospheric pressure to sudden changes in weather, as […]

best flagship smartphones in SA

Apple users are awaiting the iPhone 7 arrival in SA, but here is a list of the best Android flagship smartphones in South Africa right now. Many major manufacturers have released flagship devices in the country with prices ranging from R 7 999 featuring solid specifications and features. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge The S7 could […]