Latest Mobile Trends you need to know

Latest Mobile Trends That You Need To Know

This is the mobile generation. The average mobile phone user spends about 90 minutes on their device, which may not seem like a lot but look at that over a year and it’s 23 days, over a lifetime it’s 3.9 years. 3.9 years spent using a mobile phone!

Of course, some people are much heavier users. Just take a look at the millennials – the selfie generation. Techinfographics recently reported that over one million selfies are taken every day. On top of this, 36% of those selfies are being retouched before being posted, and 13% of women said that they retouch every single selfie that they eventually post. In fact, Samsung says that selfies make up 40% of photos taken by anyone between 18 and 24 years old.

The number of phone subscriptions worldwide (6.8 billion) is now almost equal to the number of people on the planet (seven billion). This doesn’t mean that everyone has a mobile phone. In more affluent countries, many people have two, and in others some have none. However, the rise of the mobile phone has been astonishing, and it’s only taken us a little more than 20 years to get here.

Our handsets are faster, have more memory and greater capabilities than ever before, and the software and apps that are available to us are ever growing. With so many mobile developments, happening at such a fast rate, it’s hard to keep up with the current trends. So here are the top mobile trends that you need to know about right now.