How to Request for Vodacom Airtime Advance

Vodacom Airtime Advance allows to get airtime when you most need it, stay connected and continue making calls in situations where you dont have cash to buy or recharge prepaid airtime.

Through airtime feature, you get R10 or R5 Airtime Advance when you need it most and only pay the next time you recharge your account.

How do you get airtime advance:You need to have a vodacom active simcard then you dial *111# to see if you qualify for Vodacom Airtime Advance. A service fee of R1.00 will apply.

To be able to use the service, you must have been active on the network for at least 3 months, that you have recharge with a minimum total of at least R29 per month over 3 months

And its cheap because you will be charged a service fee of R1.00 (VAT Inclusive) for each Airtime Advance request you make, and this service fee will be added to your Airtime Advance balance.

:the full Airtime Advance amount will be recovered when you recharge your airtime. For example, if you make use of this service, your Airtime Advance account balance will be R11.00 (R10.00 + R1.00)

Then when you recharge your account with a R12.00 voucher, R11.00 will be deducted from the voucher and R1 will be loaded as airtime.

To see whether you qualify for Vodacom Airtime Advance service, simply dial *111#

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