Double Data Deal

Rain(the company that provides a super-fast wireless internet service)has confirmed that they are ending the Double Data deal for all new sign ups afterthe 30th of November,this therefore means that if you wait until next month to get this you will only be able to enjoy half the data for the same price

However, if you sign up now you will still get double your data every single month until November next year.

So if you’d like to see if you qualify to take advantage of this you can check availability in your area here:

The fact that there are no set-up fees and you get a free router delivered to your door on top of the Double Data has made this one of the best selling services ever – So if you need affordable blazing-fast internet, and it’s available in your area, now is a perfect time to make sure you lock this in.

Data deal AND a free router with any of Afrihost fixed wireless internet plans:

With Afrihost the free routers normally cost R1,999 and since there’s no set-up fee and the monthly pricing starts at only R299 for 50GBs , they say that they can’t guarantee how long they will have stock available)

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