Cellspot Cellular

Are you blacklisted? At Cellspot Cellular blacklisted people and people with low credit sore are welcomed to apply for mobile contracts.

Cellspot Cellular has brought a more convenience way to get yourself a cellphone and as a consumer it does not matter whether you have a clean credit record or not to get a cellphone contract.

You can apply online and no paper work is need and as if that not enough Cellspot CEllular will offer free delivery to your place work,there is no sim or connection fee.All you have to do is select the cellphone of your choice and complete an online application form and submit it online within 24 working hours and wait to be contacted about the outcome of your application.

Successful applicants are contacted within 48 hours by a consultant who then confirm applicantÅ› details and package selected.

Delivery of the package is made within 5 working days for successful applicants.

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